Ari Stark

Ari Stark,
Vice President of Operations

Ari began his work in the mental health field in New York in the late 80s where he worked as a floor counselor with children diagnosed with severe anxiety, depression and other challenges that required out of home placement.

During his tenure as a floor counselor, Ari learned that this was his calling and climbed the ladder of responsibility. He began working with children and adults with developmental disabilities.

After receiving his degree in Human Services and Business Management, Ari moved back to Los Angeles where he helped develop residential facilities geared towards adults with developmental disabilities. Ari assisted in building summer and weekend programs for children with bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, developmental disabilities, affective mood disorders, and ADHD.

Ari has a unique approach to the operations of Destinations to Recovery. Utilizing his exceptional ability to prioritize issues, Ari runs programs and guides his team to reaching their fullest potential, ultimately giving the adolescents we serve the best possible outcomes in their treatment.


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